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How the Summer Months can Wreak Havoc in Your Crawl Space

Summer is a time for sunshine and fun outside, but this time of year also brings more humidity and moisture from rainstorms, pests, and other acts of nature. This can greatly increase the amount of damage that your crawl space is put under. Crawl spaces are a vital part of our homes, so if there are any issues that go unnoticed or unsolved, it can play a negative role throughout the rest of your house. 
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Summer Checklist: Signs that your Crawl Space could be in Danger this Summer

Summer months bring with them an increase in humidity, rainstorms, and other elements that could have a negative effect on a homeowner's unprotected crawl space. Review our checklist of possible signs that your crawl space could be facing challenges this summer. 
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A Diagnosis & Solution to Bowed Foundation Walls

Basement walls take pressure from many different sources. When water causes the soil around them to expand and contract, or your home starts to settle, your foundation walls will begin to bow.  If you own or are looking to buy a home with bowing or buckling foundation walls, it's important to figure out what is causing them and what can be done to correct them.
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Foundation Issues

6 Warning Signs that your Home's Foundation is Settling

A homeowners worst nightmare - finding out your home may be settling due to foundation failure. It starts with small issues like noticing a crack on the exterior brick of your home or having trouble with windows or doors closing all the way. You do everything you can to repair these problems, yet they keep returning. Why does this continue happening?  
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Foundation Issues

“How To” Guide to Using our Home Symptom Checker

Our symptom checker has been designed to help diagnose and make sense of common symptoms our customer’s experience in their crawl space/basement or with the structure of their home. What are the warning signs that my home’s foundation is settling? Is there mold in my basement or crawl space? Is there one solution to all of these issues?
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Home Symtpom Checker

4 Tips to Reduce Energy Costs this Winter

The holiday season has come and gone which means the most brutal of winter months are upon us. This can also mean rising heating costs if you aren’t prepared. If you live in a cold climate, you’re probably very familiar with how falling temperatures make heating bills spike. However, there are ways to reduce your energy consumption this winter. Follow the tips in this post to help both your wallet and the environment!
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Energy Costs

Everything You Need to Know About Household Mold and Your Health

Everyone has almost certainly had some experience with mold. It creeps up when you least suspect it, and it can be very hard to get rid of. This growth is annoying at best, and destructive and unhealthy at worst. It’s important to be educated about this pest so you’re ready to combat it, so here’s everything you need to know:
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Crawl Space Mold

Why you should Seal your Crawl Space Vents

There’s still quite a bit of controversy and confusion surrounding whether you should keep your crawl space vents opened or closed. And naturally the crawl space in your home probably isn’t a place that you spend a lot of time thinking about. However, this small place can cause big problems for your home if you don’t take heed to the right advice.  
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